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An Interview With Roger Hodgson

I sit down with the ex-Supertramp singer to talk about his career.
Nov | 3 | 2016

Nov | 3 | 2016

Roger Hodgson has been at it for a long time. The ex-Supertramp member and über-talented multi-instrumentalist has been touring North America to the delight of fans everywhere.

I discovered Hodgson’s music at an early age. (As a kid, my first four albums were Rush’s Moving Pictures, Genesis’ Abacab, Styx’s Paradise Theater, and Supertramp’s Breakfast in America.) Since the time that he departed Supertramp, I have enjoyed his solo material.

Today I have the honor of speaking with him about his current lineup and tour, future plans, and the music industry.

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Check out one of his clips here:


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