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The Watch as a Platform

More proof that the Age of the Platform is here.
Apr | 19 | 2012

Apr | 19 | 2012

No, I’m not joking. In a recent Wired piece, Pebble founder and lead designer Eric Migicovsky talks about his company’s record-setting Kickstarter project. In the interview, he discusses how he envisions a “smartwatch” with apps. In short, this isn’t your grandfather’s watch:

The community has the biggest effect on our product. With a product market like ours, we’re focusing on building an SDK that will wow developers, and that will let them develop the coolest apps ever for the launch. Having an SDK pack and a hacker special is important to us.

We will be able to make a healthy case to developers on why they should develop on our platform. We’re also far ahead of the competition in terms of iPhone compatibility. Nobody wants to buy a new phone and have to switch their watch—that’s kind of stupid. There are a lot of things we’ve learned from putting a previous watch, the inPulse, out that we aren’t going to do again. We’re also creating a much smaller watch than others out there.

In a word, wow. What’s next?

Kickstarter is becoming a metaplatform—a platform for others to launch their own platforms.

Every day, I become more convinced that we have entered the Age of the Platform.

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