Travails of a Technology Consultant #5: Scope Creep

Meet the clueless PM.
Mar | 8 | 2010

Mar | 8 | 2010

Today, our fearless hero faces an powerful and common foe: The Clueless Project Manager. His weapon of choice? Scope creep, of course.

Who will prevail in this epic clash of good against evil?

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Blog E Project Management E Travails of a Technology Consultant #5: Scope Creep

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  1. Monis Iqbal

    I suppose the engineer guessed it right 🙂

  2. James Standen

    The correct answer is actually

    “Agile, and SOA? That ‘s bound to reduce the dev schedule by 10%, AND save us money! Let’s give senior management the good news!”

  3. philsimon

    Thanks for the comments, guys.



  1. Phil Simon: Breadth vs. Depth - […] my days spent implementing enterprise systems, I often came across scope creep. Simply stated, a client would sign a…

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