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Kind of a Big Deal

Make no mistake: Low-code/no-code has arrived.
Oct | 11 | 2022

Oct | 11 | 2022

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”
—William Edwards Deming

When I began researching the new book, I knew that low-code/no-code tools had started to gain acceptance. Ten-billion-dollar valuations tend to validate a market. At the same time, though, I doubted that they had gone mainstream.


To further verify my assumption, I launched an informal poll on a LinkedIn project-management group. It received 60 responses before the moderators inexplicably removed it.

Despite its limited shelf-life, the decidedly unscientific results supported my initial hypothesis:

Of course, the adoption of every new tech is uneven. (Cue Gibson quote.) LC/NC has arrived in earnest, and it’s already kind of a big deal.

After writing the book, I know now why.

Today’s LC/NC tools are an order of magnitude more powerful, extensible, user-friendly, and affordable than their predecessors. All sorts of organizations are already putting them to good use. I think that you’ll find the case studies in Low-Code/No-Code particularly instructive.

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