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My Favorite Resources on the Future of Work

How I stay current on this fascinating topic.
Aug | 2 | 2021

Aug | 2 | 2021

Updated: October 4, 2021


These days, there’s no shortage of resources devoted to the future of work. I probably spend a good eight hours per week consuming related content.

In the spirit of curation, here are some of my favorite resources. If you’re a sponge like I am, you’ll soak these up.

Think Tanks and Research Outfits

The Future Forum is doing downright fascinating research into the many dimensions of the return to work. It boldly aims to reimagine work—and, dare I say—it is succeeding. For his part, Brian Kropp of Gartner is a rock star. He seems to pop up everywhere these days because his work is so relevant.


The Charter Substack is one of the most informative newsletters I receive. It’s rife with interesting articles and podcasts, some of which overlap with the resources that I mention here.

Traditional Media

This is a tie between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. I gladly pay for monthly subscriptions.


Here are two of my recent faves:

Both authors have appeared on my pod.


My friend Terri Griffith always routinely makes me think about the different nuances of returning to the office: process, technology, culture, and management.


Rani Molla’s Vox pieces are seriously interesting. That’s what happens when a skilled journalist takes an intelligent data-driven approach to a nuanced subject such as the future of work. Here is a particularly good one.


I’ve become a fan of Matt Mullenweg’s Distributed. I only wish that would episodes drop more often.

Protocol’s Source Code pod is also worth checking out:


Any others that you’d like to add to this list?

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