The Pinterest Effect

Why the company is having such a big impact on web design.

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My second Inc. Magazine guest post is now live. Here’s an excerpt:

Pinterest today is all the rage. Earlier this year, the sitecracked the 10 million monthly unique visitor mark faster than any site—ever. Whether you personally “pin” or not, it’s interesting to see the impact that Pinterest is currently having on web design. Case in point: New start-ups are launching with what basically amounts to a Pinterest interface (the new travel recommendation engine Wanderfly is just one example). Look for more Pinterest-inspired sites to come, what with WordPress developers hard on work at picture-laden themes.

Now borrowing elements from popular and successful websites is nothing new, of course. As I write in The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business, new platforms combine true innovation with liberal borrowing of others’ good ideas.

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