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Organizations hire me to help them make the most of their Slack investment and handle the inevitable change-management issues that arise.

The Problem

Employees in most organizations are accustomed to working in a certain way. That way almost always involves loads of email, files sent back and forth, superfluous meetings, and frantic searches for key files.

If this doesn’t seem like the paragon of efficiency, trust your instincts.

Yes, purchasing Slack can certainly help solve these problems. Make no mistake, though: No tool sports a 100-percent success rate. Slack is awesome but is no exception to this rule.

Foolish is the soul who expects all employees in a large organization to change their work habits overnight. 

As I write in Slack For Dummies, employee resistance to any new technology can be formidable—especially at mature organizations. Far too often, new applications fail because employees simply refuse to use them. This lack of widespread adoption can result in a number of pernicious effects: 

  • It significantly limits the value that organizations ultimately realize from Slack.
  • It undermines organizations’ efforts to build a comprehensive knowledge base. 
  • It results in wasted monthly and annual license fees. 
  • It can lead to confusion among different groups of employees. 

The Solution

For more than a decade, I have helped organizations grapple with the change-management aspect of adopting new technologies. These days, my focus on is Slack. Specifically, I do the following for my clients:

  • Explaining to groups of employees what Slack can and can’t do. 
  • Conduct employee Slack training as needed.
  • Address the concerns of both individuals and groups of employees.
  • Help management identify the key obstacles that inhibit Slack’s widespread adoption within the organization.
  • Individually coach particularly difficult employees who are posing problems.
  • Deal with other difficult employee-related communication and collaboration issues as needed.
  • And more.

Engagements typically run in the weeks, not months.

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