Audiobook of Too Big to Ignore Now Available

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My 2013 book Too Big to Ignore is now available as an unabridged audiobook. In a nutshell, it outlines the contours of Big Data and, as its subtitle suggests, makes the business case for it.

A Few Reflections on Book #5

No, Too Big to Ignore wasn’t a bestseller but it did earn out fairly quickly.1 I suspect that that’s because it arrived early to the Big-Data party. What’s more, although many of the technologies that I discuss in the book have improved over the past five-plus years, Too Big to Ignore holds up reasonably well. Readers tell me that they enjoy the text’s case studies in particular.

Five years after its publication, the book holds up reasonably well.

Too Big to Ignore was my first book to be translated into foreign languages. Although I can’t understand a word of either, I do own both the Korean and Chinese versions. Finally, more than any of my others, this book struck a chord with academics.

In the five-minute sample of the audiobook below I discuss the genius of both Oakland Athletics’ GM Billy Beane and an innovative high-school football coach.


To buy the book, click here.

This is my third book that Wiley has offered in this format. It joins Message Not Received and Analytics: The Agile Way. With a hat tip to Dave Grohl and Rush, I’m glad that this has finally happened.


  1. Speaking gigs tend to help in this regard.




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