Early Reviews: Too Big to Ignore

Now that the book has been out for a few months, what are people saying?
Apr | 4 | 2013

Apr | 4 | 2013


Too Big to Ignore has been out for a few weeks now and reviews are starting to trickle in. I’m happy to see that they’re very positive. For instance, Brian Sommer on ZDNet writes

Phil Simon’s made a digestible book on the big data technology space. Yes, you could even give this book to your CEO and he/she will get it. It’s a well-written piece that does what it advertises: it creates the business case for big data.

Big Data is related to technologies that can really widen the gap between the technology sophisticated organizations and those that lag or are naïve. If your organization falls in the latter camp, get a couple dozen copies of Phil’s book and make them required reading for your leadership group.

Read the whole review here.

On her site, Daria Steigman writes:

Writing a readable book about data isn’t easy, but Simon has done a terrific job of tackling a difficult topic with his eye on the prize. It’s not the data itself that matters, it’s what we do with it. It’s about how we can take the data and make it actionable.

Read the whole review here.



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