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Cover for New Edition of Why New Systems Fail

The new one is a vast improvement over its predecessor.
Jan | 21 | 2010

Jan | 21 | 2010

Why New Systems Fail450One of the questions that people often ask me is, “What’s the difference between self-publishing and going with a traditional publishing house?” Well, there are many. It’s a topic that I’ll be addressing more and more over the next few months based on some reader feedback.

One of the cool things about publishing through a firm is that you have access to some pretty accomplished professionals at pretty much every point in the process. You see, when you self-publish, you’re kind of on your own. Sure, you can pay for proper designers, proofreaders, copy editors, and the like, but those on a limited budget can pretty easily break your bank. Plus, you’re having to take some pretty big leaps of faith on professionals who claim to have expertise. To make a long story short, I had my challenges on many fronts a year ago dealing with a random collection of folks.

With some of those headaches behind me, I am pleased be working with some very talented folks at Cengage. Collectively, these folks have made the next edition Why New Systems Fail markedly better than its original. This edition is a vast improvement on many levels.

Perhaps the most obvious is the cover. My designier, Luke Fletcher, did an amazing job. He took what I was going for to the next level, incorporating my feedback quickly to provide a product that Cengage and I just love.

Mad props to this guy …


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