Should You Self-Publish? My Forbes’ Interview

Some thoughts on writing, publishing, and disintermediation.
Aug | 6 | 2013

Aug | 6 | 2013

forbesI recently gave an interview to Forbes about a wide variety of topics. Here’s a sample:

What’s micropublishing?

It’s important to distinguish micropublishing from self-publishing. That is, all self-publishing is not created equal. There are degrees. If I showed you the self-published version of Why New Systems Fail and Motion’s The New Small, you would immediately see and feel a difference.

Micropublishers can move fast and stay flexible. They can take on only the projects that make sense. In a very real way, they are not full-time operations. In my case, Motion is a bit of a side project. I focus most of my time on my own writing, speaking, and consulting. Motion has released three additional books beyond my two. Two came from companies and one came from a first-time author who knew that he would have a hard time procuring a deal from a traditional publisher. When a Motion is not in process, the company is effectively on hiatus. It ramps up as necessary.

To read the whole interview, click here.

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