Yahoo! and the Age of the Platform

The costs of inaction and inertia exceed those of action.

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Jerry Yang is no more–at least at Yahoo!

Yahoo is still ridiculously popular, ranking fifth among all websites according to Alexa. Yet, as I write in the book, its ranking and popularity belie its contemporary relevance.

This should surprise no one. Think about the number of dotcom’s that survived in their original form. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Amazon. eBay. Yahoo!

Can you think of any others? I’m hard-pressed to do so.

And its this increasing risk of irrelevance that drives changes at companies like Google.

I for one don’t much care for some of Google’s changes, especially the new integration with Google+ in its core search results. Yet, I understand the change. In the Age of the Platform, the costs of inaction and inertia exceed those of action. Errors of commission are almost always greater than errors of omission.




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