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Publication of The Visual Organization

My sixth opus is now out. Golf applause.
Mar | 11 | 2014

Mar | 11 | 2014 | }

The Visual Organization squareI very am pleased to announce the publication of my sixth book, The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions. (Technically, I don’t own a physical copy yet. It hit the Wiley warehouse yesterday and Amazon lists the publication date as March 17th, 2014.)

I’m very excited whenever I publish a book, and today is no exception. It takes a tremendous amount of work, and I hope that this one does as well as The Age of the Platform. To date, that book has done the best of the lot.

Check it out on Amazon. Now. I mean it. On Twitter I’ve been using #visualorg.

My friend Tess Woods is handling the PR for this one or you can always contact me.

Updated 03.14.14

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