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An Update on The Visual Organization

Where I am with the new opus.
Nov | 12 | 2013


Nov | 12 | 2013

TVO_newSix weeks ago, I submitted the manuscript for the new book. It came in at roughly 62,000 words with 48 images and six tables. The book is arranged in four parts with nine chapters, a coda, an afterword, and my first ever appendix.

The book has passed its developmental edit and has moved on to copyediting.

After some thinking, my editor and I decided on a new subtitle. The old one was more of a filler until something better came along.

Something finally did.

The full title of the new book is now The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions. Yeah, it’s still a bit of a mouthful, but it accurately describes the 250 or so pages that will go to print in March of next year. It was important to me to express the book in the form of a quest or a journey. Like all of my books, there are plenty of tips, but (as you’ll hopefully read in a few months) visual organizations evolve. They are not born overnight.

I’m most excited about the interior design of this book. Before inking the deal, I insisted that Wiley publish The Visual Organization in color. Black and white could only do so much and, after all, this is a book on data visualization. My editor agreed. Fast forward seven months and I’ve seen samples of the design and the paper to be used. In a word, wow. The images just fly off the page.

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