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Dataviz and Dry Cleaners

Visualizations are seemingly everywhere these days.
Sep | 10 | 2013

Sep | 10 | 2013


Is data visualization everywhere today?

Walking around Manhattan a few days ago, I couldn’t help but notice this simple chart of a dry cleaner’s Yelp reviews.

Sometimes, even a simple dataviz can be effective.

As I wrap up the manuscript on the new book, it’s evident to me that data is everywhere–and dataviz isn’t far behind. When a low-tech business like a dry cleaner understands the importance of visualizing its social data, you know that times are changing. The chart made me stop, look at it, and snap this picture. If had a shirt that needed to be pressed, you can bet that I would have gladly stopped in.

Simon Says

Sometimes, even a simple dataviz can be effective. Company size and resources are important, mind-set trumps them both.


What say you?

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