Visualizing Breaking Bad Fan IMDB Ratings

A simple yet elegant representation of the each episode's ratings.

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It’s no secret that I enjoy Breaking Bad. (Obsess over might be a more apropos phrase.) My favorite episodes include the show’s pilot and, for my money, Vince Gilligan’s magnum opusOzymandias.”

Spoilers here. Big time.

Now, thanks to GraphTV, you can see how fans rating all 62 episodes on IMDB with, to boot, clickable links to the IMDB page of each. (Note that the scales on the y-axis provide a skewed picture. In reality, the differences in fan ratings aren’t as pronounced as GraphTV would suggest. See Tufte’s classic book VDQI.)

And you can do the same thing for other shows’ IMDB ratings, including Mad Men and Dexter, a show that in my view jumped the shark well before its last season. Speaking of endings, I’m not the only one who found the ending of The Sopranos a bit wanting.

Simon Says

As I write in The Visual Organization, we are living in an era of Big Data, open APIs, increasingly robust open-source tools, and unbridled creativity. Never before has it been so easy to represent data in interesting and interactive ways. GraphTV is certainly one of the coolest I’ve seen. While it’s not a business tool for most of us, it only underscores what’s possible these days.


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