What Big Can Learn From Small

What can team managers in big companies learn from small businesses?
Sep | 20 | 2010

Sep | 20 | 2010

What can team managers in big companies learn from small businesses? Quite a bit actually. I recently wrote a guest post for Wayne Turmel’s bnet column. Here’s an excerpt:

Phil, what’s the difference between how small businesses approach technology (especially collaboration tools) and the traditional enterprise approach?

In a nutshell, small businesses tend to experiment more. They’ll try out a tool like Yammer, for example, on an individual basis. If it catches on, it will be adopted throughout the company. It’s less “top-down” than the traditional enterprise approach. What’s more, if something else comes along that offers superior functionality, small businesses will experiment with that tool as well, using what’s best from each. There’s no corporate edict that “all people must use X” even though X doesn’t have key functionality.

To read the rest of the post, click here.

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