Success Is Not Linear

Examining the myth of the straight line.

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We like to think that we’ll keep building on our successes:

  • If our company’s first product sold 10,000 units, we should at least sell 12,000 for our second.
  • Bloggers think that their Alexa rankings will continue to climb. Same with Twitter followers and general sphere of influence.
  • Authors like to think that our next book will do better than our past ones. Ditto musicians.
  • Many solopreneurs think that they can raise their rates every year.

But more than ever, success, sales, and profits are unpredictable. I’m not talking about how many large companies manage earnings through different tricks to recognize revenue and amortize assets. These methods are artificial. I’m talking about true, organic growth.

More than ever, success, sales, and profits are unpredictable.

Simon Says

I have worked deals for months without any success. I have also had new clients find me and sign up in a matter of days. I’ve learned that it’s impossible to accurately predict things. So I don’t even try anymore.


What say you?




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  1. Randy Cantrell

    The only predictable thing may be the work we put into our endeavor. Besides, roller coasters are more exciting than going in a straight line!

  2. Patti Bunker

     I am ok with it not being linear as long as it is positive!


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