Random Thoughts – Week of 8/2/09

Thoughts on Trainspotting, golf, Slashdot, and Pearl Jam.

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homerMy recent book review on Slashdot shot Why New Systems Fail way up the Amazon charts, peaking at number 91. I’d be lying if said that I wasn’t cheering and hitting refresh every few minutes, as the number kept climbing. Of course, after breaking 100, I realized that I had nowhere to go but down.

I started thinking of different analogies. There’s always golf. This year, I have twice shot 43 on the front nine (only three off my best ever). Both times, I wound up shooting well north of that number on the back nine. Sick Boy’s unifying theory of life in Trainspotting (one of my favorite flicks) and Pearl Jam’s debut album also came to mind.




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