Digg and Other People’s Platforms (OPPs)

Your platform may very well determine your startup’s success—so why not build your own?
Aug | 9 | 2012

Aug | 9 | 2012

platformMy friend Mark Cenicola wrote an interesting post for VentureBeat on the benefits of using existing platforms vs. building your own. I’m quoted in the piece and there are some nice props to The Age of the Platform. Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s face it, apps are the new sexy.  They’re an easy path to success, right?

With companies like Instagram being purchased for $1 billion, everyone hopes their application is going to become the next big hit. But with the hundreds of thousands of apps on the market, only a few are going to be huge successes.

This is where platform choice becomes critical. Having reliable vendors, massive distribution channels, and the ability to rapidly bring products to market sounds like a gift from the startup gods. At the same time, relying too much on a single vendor, a single distribution channel or a single product can make it difficult to both scale and stay successful. The platform you choose may determine the fate of your business. Instead of relying upon OPP (other people’s platforms), why not build, control, and own your own?

Click here to read the whole thing.

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