Platform Myth #2: Google+ vs. Facebook

Facebook and Google+: Ding, ding.

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googleIt’s sexy to think of battles. David vs. Goliath. Rocky vs. Apollo. Dallas vs. every other NFL team. In the technology arena, we see many of these skirmishes. Today, let’s discuss Google+ vs. Facebook.

Myth: Google is trying to beat Facebook with Plus.

Reality: Google+ is but one plank in Google’s platform.

Think of it this way. If the Yankees are playing the Red Sox, it’s not about who has more hits: Derek Jeter or Carl Crawford. It’s about who gets the W.

Yes, increased usage and PR around Google+ will help it grow, but don’t believe for a minute that the inner brass at Google thinks that its creation will supplant Facebook as the world’s premier social network. It’s just not in the company’s DNA.

The more interesting question is, “When will social search replace index search in the future—and will Google be prepared for it?”




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