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On Platforms and Choice

On Facebook's new board and our ability to choose.
Feb | 13 | 2012

Feb | 13 | 2012

platform450The CALSTR folks are upset that Facebook’s board of directors is composed of seven white men. There’s not enough diversity, they say.

That may well be true, but aren’t Facebook’s current powers that be in the best position to know what’s good for Facebook? After all, they have done pretty well so far, right? And what exactly does CALSTR know about building a hundred-billion-dollar company, anyway?


Thanks to blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks, everyone has a means now to voice displeasure over anything. But let’s not forget two things:

  • Not all of those opinions are valid.
  • In the Age of the Platform, there’s still something called individual choice.

If you don’t like Google’s privacy policy, that’s fine. Use Bing for search and Hotmail or Zoho for your email–or any number of alternatives. Buy your books from your local B&N if you’re anti-Amazon. Get a different smartphone if you’re not an Apple hater or object to its Foxconn labor practices. If you don’t like Facebook’s policies, then don’t buy its stock when it becomes available. Or, better yet, short the stock.

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