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Cover for The New Small

I'm pleased to present the cover for my third book: The New Small.
Aug | 12 | 2010

I’m pleased to present the cover for my third book: The New Small: How a New Breed Of Small Businesses is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies. This is the handiwork of my cover guy, Luke Fletcher. Luke and I had worked together on the second edition of my first book, Why New Systems Fail. He set the bar high that time and I didn’t want to work with anyone else. There’s something really exciting about seeing your vision of the cover become a reality, and this guy just makes me want to write more books.

While I’m at it, I’m also pleased to announce that Chris Brogan is going to be writing the foreword to The New Small. I am beyond stoked about this. I’ve been a big fan of his blog, talks, and books. I’m confident that Chris will get the book off on the right note. He knows more about social media that just about anyone out there, and one of the pillars of the book is the effective use of social media and networks. He’s also no stranger to the other topics covered in the book, to put it mildly.

While not on Amazon yet, you can contribute to the publication of the book by clicking here.

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