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Four recent discussions I've led.
Mar | 19 | 2010

Mar | 19 | 2010

Here’s a list of the webinars that I’ve recently hosted about a wide variety of topics:

  • In this webinar for Full Sail University, I talk about Internet business models, The New Small, and a host of other topics for a group of students. Click here to watch it.
  • In this webinar with Eva Abreu, I discuss The New Small. Click here to watch it.
  • In a recent DataFlux Webinar, I discuss risk, data management, and governance. Registration required. (Update: 01.01.14: Link removed by company.)
  • In this Information Management webinar, I discuss recent trends in business intelligence and what to expect in the near future. Click here to watch the webinar.

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  1. Biswajit Dhar

    Thanks for the BI 2.0 webinar today.
    Can I get a copy of the slide?



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