Custom Editions of Low-Code/No-Code Available

Reaching customers, prospects, and employees through a bespoke version of my new book.
Oct | 14 | 2022

Oct | 14 | 2022


When Reimagining Collaboration dropped, I decided to offer custom versions of the book. Today, I’m pleased to be announcing the same with Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications.

Here’s how it would work.

Executives agree with the general message of the book. Still, they want to put their own spin on it and give it to their employees, prospects, and/or customers. (Maybe as gifts. Better than bees, right?)

They’ll do this by writing four- to five-page forewords with their individual takes on the fascinating future of work and what their organization is doing to prepare. Ideally, their takes align nicely with the core themes of Low-Code/No-Code. What’s more, the exec’s name and title will adorn the cover of this version of the book. Finally, the organization’s logo can also go on the cover, probably in the upper or lower right-hand corner.

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Target Audiences

I can envision several different homes for bespoke versions of my book. In no particular order:

  • Consulting firms.
  • Staffing firms.
  • Service providers.
  • Low-code/no-code startups and established vendors.
  • Conferences whose organizers want to reward attendees with a bespoke version of the book.
  • Code academies.
I can envision a number of different homes for bespoke versions of this book.

Other Logistics

I’ll start with the paperback version.

At the risk of stating the obvious, versions will cost far less than their hardcover counterparts—although both are on the table. To make the per-unit price cost-effective, an organization will need to purchase no fewer than 200 copies. Larger orders will drop the per-unit price considerably. If we hit 1,000, then the number really plummets. Oh, and copies—no matter how many—do not include rights to the book’s intellectual property. That stays with me.

As for the hardcover, the price is more expensive, the order minimum is higher, and the time to produce them will be longer—about 90 days as of now.

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