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The Reimagining Collaboration Keynote Visualized

A cool visual arrived in my inbox this morning. I wasn't displeased.
Nov | 25 | 2021

Nov | 25 | 2021

Readers of this site know that I love dataviz, a good visual, and collaboration. Last week, I gave the keynote at a virtual WDHB event on Reimagining Collaboration.

The good folks there turned my talk into the following graphic:

Click to embiggen.

Truth be told, I have seen these types of visuals before. I especially love that they reflect the key points from the perspective of the designer—not the speaker. Put differently, they reflect what resonated with the audience.

I had no idea that the WDHB folks were doing this. I merely woke up one morning to a surprising e-mail. (I’ve had said for years that some messages are downright awesome.)

These are exactly the types of happy accidents that can happen when speaking about your book—a point that I make in spades in The Author Flywheel.

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