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The Age of the Platform Cover Mockups

Thoughts on prospective covers, everyone?
Jul | 20 | 2011

Jul | 20 | 2011

Here are some mockups from my cover guy.




Vote here:

What do you think, everyone?


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  1. Kath

    This one really speaks to me and seems consistent with your message.

  2. Emily Suess

    I voted for the first one, but 3 is nice too. The second just looks like a lot of other books I’ve seen. Not bad, but not different enough.

  3. Phil Simon

    Thanks for the comments, all.

    Luke’s making some changes to a few of them based on our feedback.

  4. Adam Bullock

    I really love the 2nd cover. It’s striking in its design and completely stands out.

  5. Phil Montero

    Torn Phil – I like 1 and 2 a lot.  Hard to pick which I like better. I think #1 is a bit more unique.

  6. Ken Wakasa

    My order is, #3, #1, and #2. Woops most voted one is #2 at the moment I wrote this.
    I hardly chose #1 or #3 as they are very close to the best for me

  7. Matt Mansfield

    I like number 1 because it plays on the “Platform” idea – that something exists on top of which you can build.

    That seems important to me.


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