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A Visual Look at Breaking Bad IMDB Ratings

How each episode of my favorite show stacks up.
Aug | 12 | 2019

Dashboards really pop when you add an element of interactivity. They allow an obsessed fan to answer questions such as:

  • Do Breaking Bad fans believe that the show improved over time?
  • What was the highest- and lowest-rated show per season?
  • Which season sported the highest and lowest rating?

I was curious about the answers to these questions so I created the following interactive dashboard using IMDB data from from my favorite show.

As you can see, at least according to the fans, the show improved over time. When present in this way, it doesn’t take long to identify the lowest-rated episode. Season 3’s Fly certainly polarizes audiences. I can understand why some folks don’t like it but I found it gripping.

Which was the highest-rated season? Reference lines easily answer that question. They are hands down one of my favorite features in Tableau. They easily allow users to compare individual values against a set measure. I can see why so many sites such as 538 add them to their data visualizations.

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