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Who’s Won the Most Majors? An Interactive Dataviz

With the US Open going on, why not play with some golf data?
Jun | 13 | 2019


Jun | 13 | 2019

The US Open is currently taking place at Pebble Beach.

I know by heart who has won the most majors and who’s in second place. Most golf fans do. Still, who won the most Masters between 1950 and 1970? What about British Opens in the 19th century? Has Tom Watson—the man who nearly won the British at the age of fifty-freaking-nine—ever won the PGA Championship?

No, you don’t need to google anything. Just find the data, tweak it, and mess around in Tableau. I did something similar on Sunday after Rafa Nadal won his twelfth French Open. It turns out that replacing datasets is very easy if you’ve structured your data similarly.1

A few minutes later, voilà!

To view the dataviz above on Tableau Public, click here.

Simon Says

Aside from answering sports-related queries, I can think of myriad uses of Tableau. Maybe that’s why Salesforce dropped nearly $16B for it this week


  1. I could write a book about that statement.

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 Blog E Data E Who’s Won the Most Majors? An Interactive Dataviz


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Blog E Data E Who’s Won the Most Majors? An Interactive Dataviz

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