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Innovation, Google Plus, and the Additive Power of Platforms

What happens when platforms build on top of other planks and platforms?
Jul | 24 | 2012

Tabletop Forge is an interesting Kickstarter project that “lets you play tabletop role-playing games inside of a Google+ Hangout. Includes dice, maps, and great audio/video.”

In a word, wow.

Two things here. First, Google+ isn’t a separate or standalone platform; it’s a plank in the Google platform.

Second and more important, today we are seeing the rapid innovation and development of different planks and platforms. Kickstarter and other funding platforms are becoming metaplatforms: platforms that extend existing platforms—and launch new ones. Throw in open APIs and powerful SDKs and the pace and depth of innovation is nothing less than unprecedented.

External innovation is arguably more important than internal innovation.

Simon Says

Google+ isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s starting to resemeble Facebook games and iOS and Android apps. How? Developers and ecosystems are starting to take Plus in new and unexpected directions. And this is exactly what Larry and Sergey wanted to happen.

In the Age of the Platform, external innovation is arguably more important than internal innovation.


What say you?

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