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Sep | 19 | 2019

Sep | 19 | 2019


I posted this in my Slack workspace for my students in CIS235: Intro to Information Systems. I’m reposting it here.


As you probably know by now, I enjoy learning and reading about technology. Ditto for discussing it with others. I like to think that I’ve picked up a thing or six about the subject in my years (#humblebrag). Besides researching and writing a bunch of books and reading hundreds more, I spent more than a decade helping organizations deploy new technologies.

If you pay attention to the news (and you absolutely should), then you know that tech is everywhere these days.


Against this backdrop, I have decided to host a series of open discussion sessions. The goal: To talk about different technologies and the effects that they are having on business, society, and the world.

There’s no preset agenda but I doubt that we’ll be lacking for content.

Details are below. Feel free to pass this along to any of your classmates. This is an open invitation.


Every Monday and Wednesday.


Because understanding technology is really freaking important. It’s easy to look like a jackass if you don’t. 


Any ASU student in my class or not.


12:25 pm to 12:45 pm.



Updated: October 2, 2019

Nice turnout today. Good discussion about the perils of tech.


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  1. Mike

    Can I join the slack group?

    • Phil Simon

      Unfortunately I need to limit that to my proper students.


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