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Algorithms Can Only Do So Much

Google makes so much more money than Facebook. So why is the former scared of the latter?
Apr | 16 | 2012


Apr | 16 | 2012

googleReadWriteWeb recently ran an excellent story on Why Google is Terrified of Facebook. For people trying to understand why Google places so much emphasis on Plus and social networks, look no further. Forget current differences in revenue, market capitalization, and other measures for a moment. Emphasis on current.

As I write in the book, Google’s top brass is smart enough to understand The Innovator’s Dilemma. In the Age of the Platform, nothing is guaranteed. Leads can shrink in a very short period of times.

Politics aside, in part this is why Sergey Brin recently called for “a more open” Internet. Facebook understands us in ways that Google simply cannot.

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