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Where’s Your Site?

Help me understand this glaring omission.
Mar | 16 | 2011


Mar | 16 | 2011

webI walk into the Empire Room on 5th Avenue in Manhattan last night for NxNYC. It’s a clear parody of the big event in Austin, TX this week. I see a few familiar faces and exchange some hugs and kiss hellos. After getting situated, I start to meet new people.

It turns out that there are quite a few people there looking for work. Sign of the times, I suppose. A bunch are seeking employment with a company in a social media or corporate communications’ capacity. In theory, these are the people who would be creating content for their prospective employers. Think blog posts, podcasts, and videos.

We eventually exchange business cards and go on our merry ways. This morning, I take a look at some of the cards and see e-mail addresses, Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles, and cell phone numbers. Yet, there’s something missing on a few of these cards: websites.

I don’t get it.

Shouldn’t a proper website be the first thing to list on a business card?

Wouldn’t this be the first thing to list on a business card? Where else would you showcase what you can could do and, more important, what you have already done? While is probably taken, why not get creative? Even if it’s, why not put your body of work in one place for all the world to see? Think Chris Spurlock here. His resume went viral for a reason: he showed that he’s remarkably creative.

You presumably have the time to launch a site. What’s stopping you?

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