A Ridiculously Early and Hopefully Amusing Review of Google Glass

My initial reaction to spending ten minutes with Google's nextgen product.
Jul | 11 | 2013

Jul | 11 | 2013


I got the chance to test drive Google Glass for about ten minutes at the Tech Cocktail Startup Showcase courtesy of Shawn Maguire. Here are some really preliminary and mostly sober insights about Google’s purported game-changing product:

  • These are light. Really light. I took Glass off and let it go. It then proceeded to levitate towards sky before someone caught it in mid-air.
  • Saying “Bing” crashes the device and emits a small shock on your head.
  • Glass doesn’t like noisy environments, and there were about 150 people there last night. Outside away from all of the hubbub, it did better with only ambient noise.
  • I couldn’t Google myself. I kept coming up as Bill Simmons, the ESPN personality who hates Doc Rivers.
  • It takes some adjustment, but eventually you get the hang of the navigation.
  • Geolocation is embedded. Without asking, Glass told me that it was 84 degrees in Vegas. It also directed me to the nearest Blackjack table and, when I resisted, took control of my feet and started marching me into Binion’s.
  • Glass puts Canadian flags on all of your shirts. (See above.) Feature or bug? I can’t tell.
  • Taking videos and pictures very easy. I can see major privacy concerns, especially with facial recognition.
  • Glass images and navigation are easier to see against a solid backdrop, not video game screens.
  • Timing is everything. There’s a certain cadence to making it work. When talking to Glass, you have to be precise when barking commands. A second too fast or slow will confuse the device.

Simon Says

That’s about it.

This post was about 80 percent serious.


What say you?

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