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How to Opt Out of Acxiom Ads

Want to stop receiving targeted ads? This will help.
Mar | 9 | 2014

You probably haven’t heard of Acxiom, a very powerful data broker.

And that’s just how Acxiom likes it. (For more, watch a 60 Minutes report on the company.)

Interestingly, the company recently launched AboutTheData. This is a self-service web portal that gives people an opportunity to learn more about how digital marketing services benefit consumers, as well as view the core data being used in Acxiom’s digital marketing products. With this portal, anyone can view and edit the core data that Acxiom possesses about them. What’s more, they can opt out of Acxiom’s digital marketing products.

You can also opt-out of all Acxiom’s marketing products. That’s exactly what I did.

This post originally ran as a tip in the NewSmallApp.

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