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My Five Most Popular Posts From 2019

What resonated with my readers last year.
Jan | 2 | 2020

Jan | 2 | 2020

I’ve been on WordPress for a decade now. (Click here for some dated incarnations of this site.) I can’t imagine using a different content management system. As I tell my students each semester, it’s intuitive, powerful, flexible, and very popular.

As a data guy, I’m always curious about how my posts are doing. Thankfully, WordPress provides oodles of stats. In that vein, here are my five most popular posts from last year:

  1. How I Use Slack Inside of the Classroom
  2. Three of My Favorite In-Class Exercises
  3. Five Tips for a Successful CRP
  4. Three Main Types of Capstone Project Problems
  5. Why I Have Never Visited My Rate My Professor Page

I knew that my post on Slack in the classroom received plenty of page views. I’m either one or two for that related Google query. Beyond that, though, four of my five deal with higher education in some way. That’s certainly been one of my areas of interest since joining ASU back in 2016.

As for 2020, I suspect that I’ll be blogging more about Slack than higher education with Slack For Dummies due in a few months.


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